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EXCLUSIVE: NFL Concussion Deal Masters Say Atty Fabricated Evidence
Law360 (July 13, 2021) -- A Florida attorney accused of swindling NFL players out of their life savings also "engaged in a wide-ranging, long-standing, and brazen pattern and practice of manufacturing evidence" for concussion settlement payout claims, the settlement's special masters found in a recent decision to disqualify the lawyer and his former firm.

ANALYSIS: Justices Send NCAA Message: Change Or Face More Suits
Law360 (June 21, 2021) -- By rejecting the NCAA's arguments that its amateurism system should get blanket protection from antitrust challenges, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday made clear that the organization must allow athletes to profit from or share in the revenues of college sports — or face an uncertain future of litigation.

High Court Says NCAA Can't Limit Athlete Education Pay
Law360 (June 21, 2021) -- The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday affirmed a ruling that struck down NCAA rules restricting education-related compensation and benefits for college athletes, finding that the organization should not get special treatment under antitrust law.

Bridgegate Ruling May Pave Way For NCAA Hoops Reversals
Law360 (June 4, 2020) -- The U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision to toss the convictions of two New Jersey officials in the Bridgegate scandal could provide three men convicted in the NCAA basketball corruption probe a lifeline in overturning their convictions at the Second Circuit, experts say.

Kaepernick Looks To Up The Ante, Pull Trump Into Grievance
Law360 (June 12, 2018) -- NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who started a wave of player national anthem protests, is expected to try to compel U.S. President Donald Trump to testify in an ongoing labor grievance, a move some experts said strategically looks to turn the president's politicization of the issue to Kaepernick's advantage.

New Track And Field Limits Question Gender Identity In Sports
Law360 (May 17, 2018) -- New female classification standards released by the international governing body for track and field sports are drawing criticism and raising legal questions about where to draw the line between men and women for sports competition amid evolving views of gender identity.

High Court Strikes Down Federal Sports Betting Ban
Law360 (May 14, 2018) -- The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday struck down a federal law prohibiting states from legalizing sports betting, a ruling that opens the door to legalizing sports betting in states across the country.

Ginsburg’s Trump Attack Breaks New Ground In Court Politicization
Law36o In-Depth (July 15, 2016) -- “This is terrible,” Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor reportedly said at a private election night dinner party in November 2000 as news outlets began calling the hotly contested presidential race for Democrat Al Gore. She would later walk out of the room in disgust, not knowing that as night turned into early morning the tide would turn in favor of Republican George W. Bush — and the election would drag out for weeks before ending in a case before the high court. Just five weeks after that incident, Justice O’Connor participated in the historic Bush v. Gore per curiam opinion over the vote count in Florida, effectively handing the election to Bush.

Substandard: International Living Center does not meet residents' expectations with poor amenities, distance from rest of campus
The Daily Orange (March 23, 2007) -- When freshman Dave Norton received his housing assignment, he looked at it with disbelief. He had been assigned to live in the International Living Center, a residence hall that he had no idea even existed. He looked the building up on the Internet and found it to be basically off-campus. It was not what he expected for his first year at Syracuse University. "When I found out," he said, "I was shocked, to say the least." Tucked away amidst the numerous off-campus houses of SU, on the corner of Euclid and Livingston avenues, sits the small, and in some ways infamous, residence hall called the International Living Center, known to those who live there as the ILC.

Aggressive Renovations: In response to complaints, Syracuse gives off-campus residence hall needed facelift
The Daily Orange (August 30, 2007) -- When sophomore Travis Judd returned to campus last week, he was surprised by what happened to his former residence hall. Last year, Judd was outraged with what he and some other residents thought were poor living conditions at the International Living Center, 401 Euclid Ave. The experience, he said, turned him away from dorm life. This year, Judd lives in a South Campus apartment. But he soon found that the ILC – infamous for its disrepair – was no more. Well, not exactly. Now Lyons Residence Hall, the ILC received a facelift and a name change.